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If you love the feeling of a good sweat from your workouts, but want to feel more confident and satisfied – then try our Vanish Belt and take your workouts to another level! Sweat your mid-section 2-3 times more allowing you to quickly get rid of water weight, compress and tighten your ab muscles, slim your waistline and rid your body of toxins. It corrects your posture, increases stability of the spine, while protecting the lower back during exercise. Our Sweat Belt flattens your abdomen and increases sweating immensely. It provides preventive and therapeutic support to decrease the risk of weightlifting related injuries. Strap on our easy to use Sweat Belt constructed with double adjustable Velcro straps for sizing accuracy and feel the burn as the soft neoprene belt heats up your mid-section as you exercise. When our Vanish Belt is combined with regular exercises and moderate waist training, you will witness amazing and quick results. You can either wear it above your clothing or wear it directly on the skin. Please Do NOT wear this garment longer than 6 hours per day.

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